Namaste and Welcome to Cloud Adventure,

We would like to introduce ourself as a company registered with the commitment to sustainable tourism.We are offering a wide range of Treks, Tours and travel all around Nepal with the extensive selection of routes to walk and sights to see. We have an experienced team that will ensure your safety as well as provide you with the in-depth, personal knowledge about the culture and life style people follow at the different part of the country. We have formed this company with the view to facilitate our guest to safely navigate through different destination without thinking about the practical hassles and just truly enjoy natural beauty of our country Nepal.

Life is a journey, a travel, an adventure and an experience.We at Cloud Adventure believe in customer service and satisfaction so that your travel can be one of your best experience.We target on providing a new dimension to the whole tourism sector by introducing Nepalese travel destination for both national as well as international tourist and by helping to build local economy and preserve their culture.Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone loves to travel the same way. So we at Cloud Adventure offers you deals and unique itineraries with the option of custom design tour packages that will help you to spend less time searching and more time dreaming about where you'll go next.

Nepal is a country with the huge diversity in geography as well as culture.We offer you places which have different landscapes, snow capped Himalayas, different species of  animals and different rare kind of plants.We being one of the richest country in water resourses have plenty of rivers and lake that are truly breathtaking to see.We have plenty of mountain ranges that provide us with the experience of a lifetime and information about its divine beauty along with the worlds tallest mountain of course Mt. Everest (8,848m). But apart from peaks and other scenery, we are richest in the context of culture too.We have large differences in culture and traditions in the different part of the country,and the chance to experience such culture can be one of your fun and knowledgeable journey in Nepal.

So, Cloud Adventure heartily welcomes all of you to join us in the most wonderful and adventurous journey that you haven't experienced yet.


Hope to see you soon!