Pokhara being the second largest city of Nepal has Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu within 30 miles distance of the city.Splendid view of Machhapuchre can be seen from the city which is the greatest attraction of the city along with Phewa Lake  situated in major portion of the city.Paragliding is one of the most popular activities in Pokhara. Many tourists like to hike Sarangkot and Ghandruk for their majestic view


The Old Bazaar

The Old Bazaar, in contrast to glocal Lakeside the old  Pokhara Bazaar, 4 km away from Phewa Lake, is a traditional bazaar and a colorful gathering place for an ethnically diverse group of traders. The temples and monuments bear a close resemblance to the Newari architecture of Kathmandu Valley and retain much of its original charm. The old bazaar is also home to one of Pokhara’s most important shrines’, the Brindhyabasini Mandir.

Seti Gandaki Gorge

Seti Gandaki Gorge, a wonders of nature goes underground, vanishing from sight in many places along its route through the city. At various points the river is barely two meters wide where its depth beyond imagination. A good spot for watching the river below is Mahendra Pul, a small bridge at the center of the city.

Mahendra Gupha

Mahendra Gupha is another major attractive natural site reached after a two-hour walk north of Pokhara. The cave is known as the ‘House of Bats’ owing to a number of bats living within its walls. There is another deep cave called Chamere Gufa (Bat’s Cave) owing to a number of bats living within its walls.

Bindybasini Temple

Bindybasini Temple is the oldest religious shrine in Pokhara built in the 16th century. The main shrine of the temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. Basically, Hindu worshippers flock here to perform sacrifices especially on Saturday.

David’s fall

David’s Fall is a charming little waterfall located about 2 km south-west of the Pokhara airport on the Siddhartha Highway. Its source is the water from the Phewa Lake. David’s Fall attracts the visitor to view the mystery of water fall and its associated painful legend of David’s fall. Gupteswar Gupha is a mysteriously sacred cave located very close to David’s Fall. This cave holds special value for Hindus’ since a phallic symbol of Lord Shiva is preserved here in the condition it was discovered. Locally, it is also named as Gupteswar Mahadev.

The Phewa Lake

The Phewa Lake, the second largest lake in Nepal adds the enthralling beauty of Pokhara. The changing light of the sun on the Phewa Lake provides aesthetic calmness to the connoisseurs of nature. On the eastern side of the lake, visitor can find cluster of restaurants and pubs. Along with these attractions, boating, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, bird watching, fishing and angling are some of the activities which can be done on Phewa Lake. In the midst of the lake stands the Varahi Temple, dedicated to Varaha. The temple represents as Shaktipith where animal and bird sacrifices are offered to the goddess Varahi. Basically, the Hindu crowd makes animal sacrifice in every Saturday.

World Peace Pagoda Tour

The 3,600-foot-high (1,100-meter) Buddhist monument, situated on a hilltop in Pumdi Bhumdi, was built as a symbol of peace.

Constructed by Buddhist monks from the Japanese Nipponzan Myohoji order, the monument reflects four prominent stages of the Buddha's life in four directions: where he was born in Lumbini, where he became enlightened in Bothgaya, where he taught most of his life time in Sarnath, and where he reached nirvana at Kushi Nagar. Reaching this place atop a hill overlooking the southern shore of Phewa Lake, learn about its design to inspire harmony. Besides being an impressive sight in itself, the shrine provides a great vantage point from which to see spectacular views of the Annapurna range and Pokhara. 

Sarangkot Sunrise Tour from Pokhara

Sarangkot is one of the most popular destinations, attended by tourists year after year. Here, you will see the famed and magnificent sunrise and view of the Annapurna range. Watch in wonder as the colors dance over the top of the mountains, displaying nature in its truest form.

Start your day off with a bang and grab an incredible view of the Nepal sunrise on this 2.5-hour tour. A professional guide will bring you from your hotel to the small hilltop of Sarangkot that contains a breathtaking view of the sunrise, the Annapurna range, and Pokhara. Peek over the valleys and grab your camera for this true introduction to Nepal.

As the first rays of the sun gradually dissipate darkness in the lower plains of Pokhara valley, the scenery will simply astound you. While you take in the sunset, you may also partake in some sightseeing on the hill. If you look south, you will be able to see view of the city Pokhara and its lake on the north-western outskirts of the city.